"no confidence"

About: Watford General Hospital

i was admitted to watford by my GP when getting to the hospital with my letter i was sent to A&E who then sent me on to the Gyne team, after sitting around in alot of pain i was finally offered pain relief, i saw the DR on duty who with a bit of a struggle finally admitted me ( baring in mind my DR believed my pain was due to a burst cyst but the hospital was under different assumptions) was admited to the elizabeth ward who took 2 hours to give me decent pain relief i had advised them i couldn't take oral tables due to it giving me heart burn but they seems to ignore this and prescribe me tables which i did take and surprise surprise had to ask for some gaviscon which took another 1/2 to arrive. 6 hours finally got some stronger medication in me and my pain started to settle but not to a degree on where i could sleep. the Drs never seems to be around to prescribe me better medication. About 1am i finally got to see a DR who told me the pain i was experiencing was due to endometrious which is a past medical condition and i hadn't suffer in 2 years, this is based on no tests what so ever. i was then informed i had to be moved wards due to lack of bed, so at 3am ( still no sleep) i was moved. I was moved to a private area on the ward for expectant mother( not that i was complaining about the room considering the ward was filthy really hadn't been swept and there was blood stains on my sheets) so a private room seems a well deserved welcome. In the shortness of this the nursers were beyond rude (expect one nurse and the ward sister on Elizabeth) at one point i believe i was given less medication than prescribed and felt really uneasy around them, they came across rude and not helpful and it seems a problem to ask for medication in this place. The DR also didn't explain anything to me and was obvious that they just wanted to get rid of me and fobbed me off with its my endomeirtous and just wanted to send me home. i even made a list of concerns for the dr and asked a nurse to sit in with, both looked like they didn't care to be honest and just felt wasted and it really upset me As stated before if it was for the ward manager i wouldn't of understood what was happening, i cant thank them enough, there is properly so much more to say about my 3 days on this ward Needless to say my experience wasn't the best and will be asking to go to st albans next time if this in does get seen by anyone at the hospital and would like to discuss it further i will be more than happy to

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