"Triple Heart Bypass Not High On List Of Priorities"

About: Great Yarmouth and Waveney PCT Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital / Cardiology Papworth Hospital

(as the patient),

My father-in-law is in desperate need of a triple heart bypass. I know this, he knows this and even his GP knows this but the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital seems to keep forgetting it. It all started way before christmas when he had an attack and was taken to hospital by ambulance. He later followed up with his GP who quite obviously knew what was wrong so sent him to N&NUH for tests and to comfirm what he knew. When he got there he was sent from pillar to post as no one seemed to know why he was there so someone eventually did some tests (but not the ones he was there for) and sent him home saying someone would be in touch. Weeks past without contact so he went back to his GP who full of smiles quite innocently said " You must be feeling better now ?" When told that nothing had been done, his GP blew his top and said he had sent him there to get an opperation sorted, so after a quick blast on the phone he got my father-in-law another appointment which he attended and this time had the right tests done and was told he needed a triple heart bypass and they would be in touch with an appointment at Papworth. This was six weeks ago and again there was no contact. So after another set of phone calls it turns out that Papworth haven't even got any details of my father-in-laws case on file, nor have they had any contact from N&NUH about him, which means that after all this time he's stll not on the damn waiting list! Whoever is responsibly for this needs to have be aware how stressfull this is, not only to my father-in-law but to his wife, children and grandchildren who all love him dearly and have to see a once active man reduced almost to tears because his life is held in seemingly uncaring hands and he feels he can do nothing about it.

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