"Gastroenterology Consultation"

About: Cossham Hospital

I was referred by my GP to Gastroenterology as I have had problems with both ends many times a day for over two years, but I have had ongoing problems for 12 years, but in the last few years it's got worse and I lost nearly 4 and a half stone in 6 months and my GP ran some tests but couldn't figure out why so they asked the specialist for help. I waited in a freezing cold waiting room in Cossham for an hour and 45 minutes, was greeted by a very rude young person who turned out to be the specialist, they barraged me with abuse as i had been in the toilet when they came out. They didn't bother asking me my symptoms and every time I tried to speak or show them the symptoms list I bring with me to specialist appointments, they wouldn't let me talk, they shouted me down, they then accused me of making myself ill on purpose to get attention, they spent 15 minutes speaking to me as if i was a piece of dirt and highly unworthy of their time or attention, trying to get me to agree with their diagnosis and told me they were sending me to a dietician and another specialist to talk about my eating disorder - the eating disorder they decided i had. They examined me then was very rude, i suffer balance/dizziness issues and mobility issues and couldn't get off the couch quickly enough for them , hthe consultant was rude and berated me until i was able to get off the couch and sit down again. They said they would book an Endoscopy which they told me repeatedly was a waste of their time and asked me if i was comfortable wasting the NHS's money. On the day of the Endoscopy i had very bad vertigo and rang to cancel, i left a message then was telephoned back by a nurse who told me the specialist who told them to tell me when my symptoms returned to book another appointment, i asked them what they meant as it was a constant chronic condition and i had cancelled it as i was too dizzy to attend, the nurse said shthey were passing on a message then as i was talking to them about rearranging the appointment they hung up. Am still waiting for a follow up appointment which was already cancelled twice with the consultant which I doubt is coming, and I'm still waiting for appointment to see a Dietician or the other specialist because this rather rude consultant seems to think I have an eating disorder. Is it even worth making a formal complaint because i doubt very much it will make much difference when people behave as if they are a law unto themselves. I've lost another stone and am unable to eat solid food or keep down most liquid now, my GP is doing the best they can. God Bless the NHS.

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