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About: Royal Gwent Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

On the 9 of February, I was admitted in b4 at the royal gwent, to have early birth because I had few problems with the pregnancy and because that my consultant told me to have the baby 2week before my dates.

in the afternoon I was admitted to b4, I have been to b4 before when I had my kids, but this it was different. the midwife came over ask me what I was doing here she said I'm not even due yet. I had diabetes I had no equipment to check my blood I had no food I was quite stressed out I was spoken to like I was nothing,

I waited 2 days to get into the theatre I know things are different right now and the nhs is changed and shortage of midwifery of course a problem. I went into the theatre 3 times and brought back because the midwife said somebody else has to go before me

I want to go home I was getting really stressed out. finally when I went into theatre i had a lovely midwife she was really good. Then she had to go home because she has finished her shift. another midwife took over and that is when my nightmare start. she was rude she was really really rude. I felt like wanna run. she left me when the baby was about to come out. i was ready to push there was no one with me, I said to my husband where is the midwife at same time and as a midwife came in the room she said oh my god where is your midwife I said I don't know. she said dont push I go and find your midwife. I was in a lot of pain not much pain killers to take. she was rude shouted at me said I shouldn't get pregnant if I can handle it. I feel really disgusted with the system. is sick to my stomach 4 weeks gone by I still have a nightmare about that day. oh really feel sorry for those women who have babies. the gwent maternity department has changed since I've been there. They should do something about it. and midwife should not be speaking to people like that. They should be supporting and caring you not to criticize us.

4 weeks gone by since I had my baby at the royal gwent hospital but the nightmare will never go away I almost died in the hospital. after the baby was born I was left on my own very very weak n able to stand up. I was told to have a wash could not even do that I asked my husband for help. I was bleeding really really badly. when the midwife brought me from the theatre I was badly. Dripping of blood, I went on with my public life. people was looking at me I feel really embarrassed. the midwife who was with me, did not even care, I was put into bed. I asked the midwife if I can have a pain killer. I asked her was it normal for me to bleed like that, she says I don't know i am not a doctor. I couldn't sleep in the night. this morning I was told to go home I was losing so much blood. anyway I feel really disgusted i don't think I will ever get over the horrifying experience I almost died. I am still having a nightmare can I sleep at night.

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