"absolute joke"

About: St Mary's Hospital (London)

So I was sent to the urgent care centre from the accident and emergency department. I went in and sat down and began to wait....... And wait....... And wait...... after an hour and a half I asked the receptionist how long it would be and they told me they couldn't tell me because they had logged out and I would have to wait for the next member of staff. After another hour I asked the next receptionist who told me I had been called twice but not been there. I was sat with my wife for the entire duration and had not left for even a second. I had heard everyone else being called except for myself and watched as everyone that came in at relatively the same time and who had been there before me see someone and leave I eventually saw someone after over 2 hours and 30 minutes. I saw the doctor who was very quick with me and apologised and explained they didn't know why it had taken 2 1/2 hours......... Neither do I. I left not feeling any better and hoping I do not throw up any more blood. But hopefully the tablets that should stop me vomiting will solve the problem.

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