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"Thank you Patient Opinion - helping positive change"

About: Glasgow Royal Infirmary / Gynaecology Stobhill Hospital / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

I feel like I'm writing a novel about my health-care journey here - but if it helps one other woman not have to go through what I have then it will be worth it.

I attended Dr Pereras clinic, this time at Glasgow Royal Infirmary as there have been cutbacks to the menopause clinic at Stobhill.

I was delighted that Dr Perera has taken on board my experiences with HRT and has agreed that I require a higher dose than was previously prescribed - excellent outcome for me. I was saddened to hear that once again there is a problem with supply, especially of testosterone implants. Contrary to popular belief us women don't want testosterone to turn us all into randy mares - it actually helps hugely with energy levels and concentration. I hope that the supply issue will be addressed soon.

I am also delighted to report that as a result of my PO posts, NHS Lanarkshire is looking at being able to provide my treatment closer to home. I hope that this is the start of NHS Lanarkshire looking at their current provision for menopause clinics (which is 0) and recognising that this is something that every woman will experience. Yes some may sail through it but many many women struggle greatly and sadly many GPs do not feel confident to deal with it due to outdated research and scaremongering around HRT.

I saw a wonderful Consultant Dr Willocks (again a direct result of my PO posts) who listened and truly understood me. She - like me, was shocked to hear that GPs (not my own wonderful Dr Gemmill) told me on many occasions I should avoid HRT at such a young age. Thankfully I was aware this was nonsense and didn't take this advice on board - but I do know many women who have suffered for years, with great detriment to both their physical and mental health because of poor availability of the correct advice and treatment.

So the future is currently looking hopeful. I really really hope that my posts have highlighted the real shortage of services available for women like myself, and how we are often treated very differently from other people experiencing endocrine disorders. It is so crucial that we #changethechange so that women can lead better, healthier and happier lives.

Thank You Patient Opinion for helping me help others through having my voice heard.