"Poor Standards of Nursing Care at Weston General Hospital (WAHT)"

About: Weston General Hospital / General medicine

(as a relative),

Where to start? My mother, a formidable and highly intelligent 88 year old, was admitted to Weston General as a precaution. Unusually, we found her reluctant to use her buzzer (when it was within her reach!) to call for assistance and wondered why. It seemed to us that whenever the family approached staff members with concerns or questions, apart from two occasions, we thought the responses varied between total disinterest and borderline hostility.

My mother died 10 days after admission and we requested a copy of her medical records. I feel these records merely added to our distress in that in my opinion they showed:

Missed and late medication; Insufficiency of fluid intake; failure to bleep doctors when required; insufficient nutrition; lack of cannula care; cannula left in place for 48 hours too long; failure to adequately assess mobility; failure to reassess risk of malnutrition; failure to address nausea; failure to complete a full falls assessment; failure to chase crucial test results; failure to adequately manage diabetes (including a number of missed insulin doses).

I could go on - but not without discussing matters that I feel would be just too personal for my mother.

Add to the above the fact that we had to address one problem or another at almost every visiting time and I am sure you will get the picture.

Much of the interaction we witnessed between the nursing staff and my mother I felt was, at best, patronising and, at worst, curt. I think communication with the family was abysmal to say the least.

My sister and I have since, on two occasions, met with a Matron and the Ward Sister. I have to say, I felt we encountered an attitude that almost mirrored that of their staff - patronising, evasive and hostile. We still do not know precisely what happened to our mother during her final hours. The medical records do not tell us and the staff either cannot or will not say.

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