"Reception in the Fracture Clinic"

About: Frimley Park Hospital (Frimley)

This was my third appointment to the Fracture Clinic and my second review. The first review commented on the poor customer service skills of the receptionist. This review is touching upon the same issue but with a different member of staff. Remembering that I am coming into the dept and I am very worried about what I am going to hear from the doctor. So my first contact with the dept will always be the tone setter. Once again, I am coming into the Fracture Clinic just to watch the receptionist typing away on the computer and barely show me any acknowledgement. Then when I did get some attention it was very short and sharp and with hardly any eye contact at all. There were no greetings and no compassion felt. Then I watched the receptionist communicate with an elderly women by shouting over to her from their desk. Awful! There appears to be very little or zero understanding of what is required when it comes to customer service. This is text book in how not to do it. Then I was led into a cubicle which appeared to be joining onto a long corridor separated only by an old poorly hung curtain. I was left sitting there for about ten minutes, which I didn't mind. I know how busy everyone is. But I was disgusted to hear the doctor dictate their notes about the last patient right next to the curtain. I can now tell you everything about the woman medical history, what she said, what the doctor said and what is going to be done. Is this what you call Medical in Confidence? Is this the same way my medical records are being treated? Open to anyone within earshot? Not acceptable! As for the parking. Well nothing has changed. Your facilities impact on the flow of the traffic on the main road, and roundabout, and are most certainly the worst parking facilities I have experienced to date. I could see nothing telling me that you acknowledge the issue and nothing telling me what you are doing about it. I checked all your notice boards and found no information whatsoever. It appears trivia until you watch all the people coming into reception apologising for being late due to your parking problem. If you can't fix it immediately then at least communicate. Nothing has changed since my last visit. This is very disappointing :(

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