"Our experience with our son"

About: Nevill Hall Hospital / Maternity care Royal Gwent Hospital / Maternity care

(as a parent/guardian),

When our son was born he was 3 week premature he was delivered fine. They took my partner and my son to the maternity ward where I was told I was not allowed in and had to wait until visiting hours the next day. By that time it was half past 11 quater to 12ish at night I was then told I was not able to sit in the waiting room on the ward so I spent all night in the labour waiting area.

For the next week myself and my partner was up at the hospital every day. The day came when they finally said our son can come home so we got the car seat and went to the hospital where they said he can't go home today it will be the next and invited my partner to stay the night so she did. There was no food given to her or drinks and she had to demand them and even then a nurse had to get some from another ward.

The next day arrived when he was. meant to be home and yet again they said no after promising us 2 days in a row. Now his eye test is upon us and my partner takes our son to the hospital where the midwife from nevill hall said she had booked a. Appointment on the monday but according to hospital records no appointment was booked so now we have missedthe eye test due to the midwife from nevill hall saying it was monday when I called to find out what's going on the midwife then began to defend herself saying she said tuesday. Now I'm a punctual guy half hour early to every appointment and keep them written down just in case. Now the midwife is blatently calling myself and my partner liars when infact we both heard monday and the midwife in question will not take responsabilty for her mistake. Now we have been offored a hospital car for another time that will turn up between 8 and 11 am and its not guaranteed, also its when they are free so now we have to go to nevill hall hospital with no information on how long this appointment is or if the transport will actually turn up and whether or not it will bring me and my son home .... All in all the lack of communication at nevill hall hospital is appauling also the attitude of the midwife not admitting her own mistake was disgusting .....basically saying myself and my partner are lieing.

Let's just hope they don't make a mistake on anyone while in an operation if they can't even communicate right how are the supposed too run a hospital effeciantly

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