"Appointment? What appointment?"

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(as a parent/guardian),

I have used the out of hours GP service at Waters Meeting Health Centre a few times and with one exception, the waiting time is ridiculous!

The worst I've had is a three hour wait for an "appointment" made 1 hour previous. How can that be? It isn't hard and a primary school child could work out that if it's say 10 o'clock and you're currently seeing the 7 o'clock appointment then don't give someone with a sick baby a 11 o'clock appointment that will only be seen at 2 am! The excuse was doctor's not turned in!

Tonight I had to take my mum for an appointment made 3 hours in advance. There was a 2 hour wait!

Here is my suggestion;

If there is a 2 hour waiting time, stop booking appointments for that amount if time! Eg. It's 5pm and you're only seeing the 3pm appointments. The next available appointment is 9pm. Obviously this is going to be subject to the waiting time so make this appointment for 10: 30 then there there's only 30 minutes to wait!

You may or may not be ill when you go but spend 2-3 hours getting coughed on at waters meeting and I feel like you will be when you leave!

Bury has a proper "walk in" and it's much quicker to drive there and wait in line. Why then does Bolton just have this terrible system! !

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