"Arrogant and Unprofessional Doctor"

About: Royal Preston Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

Although this is not really an up to date story, I feel that it is very relevant, especially if patients had the same treatment that I did. And I really need to know if it is worth taking this further.

I went to Preston Hospital to see this doctor in relation to minor reconstructive surgery on a hand which I burnt as a child. On the suggestion of my local GP who said I should have had surgery much earlier as it was restricting movement through the tightening of skin/tendons as I was getting older, I was around 22 years of age at that time.

As soon as I started talking to the doctor in question, I felt that he was trying to dissuade me from having the surgery, without actually giving any reasons why I should not have it. He was trying to compare me, a young man, with the elderly, stating that elderly people usually have restricted movement in their hands. When I stated that I am not elderly, I felt he seemed to get very agitated.

He then proceeded to ask what activities I was unable to do with my affected hand, to which I replied that I could not pick up many common things like a glass, bottles etc, to which he replied "Why don't you use the other hand?" Being young, and admittedly a little shy and naive (which I believe this doctor knew,) I didn't know how to reply to his seemingly aggressive attitude.

I told him that I would like to have the surgery, and be put on the waiting list. I felt he didn’t seem to acknowledge what I had said and then swiftly walked out of the cubicle. Half an hour later I was still waiting for his return, so I asked the nurse when he would be back. I was a little taken aback when she told me that he did not have any more appointments that day and had left. If that had happened today I would have complained immediately, though because of my shyness and naivety at that time I did not.

But that is not the end of the story, the doctor in question did not put me on any waiting list, it has been around 7 years and I have not heard a single thing about either my appointment, nor surgery. I can only presume that this doctor decided that I shouldn't have the surgery, which I can only presume was to cost-cut. Every time I think about this now it irritates me, as I feel that this doctor should be punished for his unprofessional behaviour.

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