"Pseudo tumour found behind my eye"

(as the patient),

I attended the Windsor Eye Hospital a couple of years ago and had a dreadful experience. I had severe headaches and was suffering from double vision. My eye was visibly bulging out of its socket. I'd been to my GP and he'd suggested booking an appointment with a neurologist. However, the appointment wasn't for another 5 days and in the mean time, the pain had become a lot worse and I was experiencing dizzy spells - due to the double vision. A colleague recommended the Windsor Eye hospital.

When I arrived, the receptionist challenged the validity of my being there, stating that I didn't look as if I was in pain. I found this very bizarre. After lengthy explanation, my attendance was finally allowed. However, I had to wait for 4 hours before I eventually saw a doctor. The doctor had a look at my eye and decided that the problem was that I had a migraine. I felt this wasn’t right because migraines do not make your eye physically bulge out its socket! So I felt like I left with no answers.

A few days later I saw a neurologist who was shocked that my symptoms hadn't been taken more seriously. He diagnosed a pseudo tumour behind my eye - which was causing the bulging and pain. However, he said that the symptoms could easily have been an actual tumour.

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