"Poor experience of maternity care in Ormskirk"

About: Ormskirk & District General Hospital

(as the patient),

I recently gave birth to my first child in Ormskirk Hospital. I felt I was subjected to horrible inpatient treatment from the moment I presented myself at hospital.

I was told upon initial arrival that I was not in labour – but upon inspection I was over 6cm – but received no apology from the rude elder woman, who clearly thought she knew best. The midwife I was left with then proceeded to patronise my partner, mother and myself and spoke down to us.

I had two people with me during my labour and during which my mother was tired and getting really distressed about the situation – which the staff dismissed and were so ignorant over. I requested that my mother leave and my brother come in – this was not allowed and the consultant and midwives caring for me were very rude about.

I later found out that swapping partners is allowed in other hospitals, and not only that, I have spoken to a nurse at hospital that said it’s a patient’s right to switch out partners and that the hospital should not have been so bossy.

I was struggling for hours upon hours to deliver my son – and it took my mother demanding to see another consultant for them to take me into theatre to be sliced and diced. The consultant also told my mother, partner and me that I should have had assistance hours ago – instead I was left in pain and made to keep pushing when my son was unable to be born without help.

When I was moved down to post-natal, upon arrival on the new ward the duty nurse responded to my chart with ‘oh I heard about you, and your mother’. Now to me that’s inappropriate in any setting, but under the circumstance the last thing a new mother (stitched to high heaven) needs is rude staff.

The rest of my day didn’t go any better. I had to keep asking for a bottle for my son – and I felt they took their time, as they didn’t seem busy and the nurses were in the station next to my room gossiping!

To add to my nightmare experience, the nurse on duty came in and told me I needed an injection of warfarin. I told the nurse I didn’t, but instead she gave me the injection and then checked upstairs that I didn’t need it – but added to her mistake with ‘oh well you’re a big girl’.

I would never have children in Ormskirk Hospital again– if truthful I don’t feel I could go through the treatment again.

I am seeking legal advice against the hospital as I feel that this is an ongoing problem within the maternity wards in Ormskirk and I feel that staff are neglectful of their patients.

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