"Terrible Treatment"

About: Southmead Hospital

I was taken to southmead a&e (although it isn't an option below) after fainting and falling about 10ft down a set of stairs, landing on my face. I couldn't feel any pain and had lost the sight in my right eye. After about twenty minuets my sight started to come back and then I started to feel a little sore. I had quite a nasty cut next to my eye, was covered in bruises all down my right side and had badly grazed my right shoulder. The entire time I was sat in a&e I had different members of staff come and ask how much I'd had to drink....I'd had one drink! I was driving that night but they just assumed I was another drunk that had had too much in the lead up to Xmas. Me and my friend were left sat there for ages! Even when I visited the toilet it was a right state, urine all over the floor and big roll littered everywhere. The one in the main waiting room as you walk in was the worst though, it smelt as though the sanitary bins hadn't been emptied in years! I was given an ECG and a lady checked my eyesight (pointless as the eye that had been hit was the eye that had poor eyesight already, so being told it was significantly worse than the other, wasn't news to me!) I felt as though the staff wernt listening to me, I had never fainted in my life! I believed it was as a result of my hypoglycaemia. However they still acussed that one drink I'd had and a few pain killers I'd taken quite a few hours earlier as the cause, so didn't feel any need to examine me properly or send me for a scan. The reason I write this review is because if they had scanned me they would have found I'd fractured my sinus's. Causing me chronic pain, heavy nasal bleeding, chronic headaches, difficulty breathing to name but a few! I wasn't able to eat proper food for weeks after because I had so badly bruised my jaw, had a fractured cheekbone and bruised eye socket (I still have large painfull blood clots on my cheekbone) I was having severe headaches and migraines as a result of the pain. If the group of young nurses had actually bothered to do their job rather than standing around chatting to one another about what they had got up to that weekend, then maybe a scan would have proved to them it wasn't just any old tumble and that I genuinely was in pain and needed pain relief rather than judgmental looks! I just can't believe I went on for a month and a half in agony because I though 'oh well, It should get better soon, they didn't seem too concerned about it so I couldn't be that bad'. Wrong! I'm just glad I finally went to my family doctor and he was able to explain where the pain was coming from.

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