"We were grieving and felt we were hurried to say goodbye"

About: Victoria Hospital / Respiratory Medicine

(as a relative),

My Mother was admitted in November 5 days prior to her passing at this Hospital. Mum was in the respiratory ward, and while there we came across 2 of the most insensitive, uncaring and rude members of the nursing staff! The first nurse made a very insensitive remark against smokers (which my Mother was) to my Father after we had just been told that they were taking my Mothers treatment hour by hour and that she was gravely ill.

The second member of staff was a nurse who was working night shift on the evening of my Mothers passing. I have never met such an obnoxious and unfeeling person in my life, we felt like they couldn't wait to get my family out of the Hospital. While members of my family were with my Mum saying Goodbye to her (she had just died), they was poking their head in the door and tapping their watch to hurry them up.

He also approached my Father and told him we had to leave, my Father had just lost his wife of 50 years! Maybe he had other things on this mind, but dealing with a grieving family certainly was not on his agenda for that evening.

I think nurses should have a review every year to evaluate as to whether they have the people skills to do their job.

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