"Made to feel like a waste of time"

About: Southmead Hospital

Although I had both my children at Southmead and the care was brilliant the same can't be said for their A&E department. I won't say why I was there as its personal but After checking in in with helpful receptionist I spent 2 hours waiting to be seen. on finally being called through after spending a long time in pain I started to feel slight relief I was going to be looked after. This was not to be. I was instead greeted by the rudest triage nurse I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. I quote their words. ' you may think this is an emergency but it's not an emergency to us you should really have gone and seen your GP' after getting over the shock of being spoken to like a naughty child I explained that I had a funny turn earlier that day which had prompted me to get some reassurance from them as I suffer with anxiety. This went over their head and their emotionless expression said it all. All they kept telling me is they don't deal with what I was there for is not an emergency to them. My best friend was as in shock as I was over their incredibly rude manner there wasn't an ounce of empathy in their voice rather it was your basically wasting my time go home! I have worked everyday since I was 16 and paid enough for me to use the NHS when I feel I need it. I left feeling humiliated by the way I was treated. Basically unless your leg or arm are falling off they aren't bothered and you shouldn't waste there time when you have anything else remotely wrong. I understand the NHS is stretched but there is a way of dealing with patients whether they thought it wasn't important it was to me feeling it. I left in tears feeling like something on their shoe. Thanks Southmead for making me wait 2 hours to basically being told to do one. Nice

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