"Very distressed by staffs inconsideration."

About: Manchester Royal Infirmary

My ex husband was admitted to intensive care after a fall. He`d bled internally + had some organ failure. It took over 3 days before we were contacted. As we live in N.Wales we could`nt just pop in. We visited as soon as we found out, initially the nurse on duty was very helpful + caring but the staff had a change over. The oncoming nurse was less than helpful + argued about next of kin, my 3 sons were his next of kin but we were told we had to wait for his sister to arrive before a Dr would speak to us. We`d been there hours + it took us 3 hours to get to the hospital due to a traffic problem. I spoke to this unpleasant nurse + asked what the problem was since she`d come on duty as we were told a Dr would come + talk to us. She did`nt like to be questioned but we did get to speak to a Dr. On our next visit we were told to wait, we waited over 2hrs even though visiting time had started! We asked again if we could see him. We were told they were busy + he was going for a scan! We could`nt wait any longer as there was fog on the motorway, it was peak hour + we had a long journey. 9 o'clock that night the hospital rang to say my husband would`nt last long! We all went back to the hospital. My husband had been taken off all support other than blood pressure medication which was keeping him alive. The Dr told us we could have some time with him then they`d turn off this medication. This Dr was very clinical + cold in fact I`d say Callous. We were told what they were going to do not asked. We did spend some time with him + he did seem to respond when we spoke to him, his heart rate increased, there was definitely signs he could hear us. The Dr came in + started talking about giving organs but as his organs had failed they could take his eyes! Bernard was still breathing + I`m sure he could hear. We asked the Dr twice to leave. They then came in + turned the medication off. Bernard did breath on his own for a couple of minutes then the Dr came in + told us to leave as he had to do some tests to make sure he was dead !!. I asked if Bernard could have heard us as he responded when we spoke to him, his reply was a curt No. I looked at the monitors as things seemed to be indicating something. The Dr coldly said " He Dead, He`s Dead + proceeded to put an apron + gloves on. Utterly Heartless NO thought for our feelings. When we visited earlier in the day we were told Bernard was conscious yet they would`nt let us see him. We Never got the chance to speak to him one last time which has been so awful for us all. I felt it was a case of get this over + done with + ship him out to the morgue. In regard to cleanliness this hospital leaves a lot to be desired. All I can say is I`ve Never experienced anything like this in any hospital before. My 2 parents + one of my sons have been on intensive care wards. I could visit them any time + sit with them for as long as I wanted. I still feel wrecked when I think of how Bernard`s life ended in your hospital.

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Response from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Firstly, please accept our sincere condolences to you and your family. We realise it must have been extremely difficult to explain your experience.

We would like to thank you for your feedback which was passed to the doctors and nurses in the Intensive Care Unit. The staff were very concerned to read your account of your experience and are very sorry for the distress you and your family have suffered as a result of this. The team in the Intensive Care Unit take all feedback seriously and would like to fully investigate the issues you have raised and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss this matter further.

If you feel you would like us to arrange this please contact the PALS department on 0161 276 8686 so that they can arrange a convenient time for you to meet with the Critical Care team.

The Patient Experience Team

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust