"Good experience tainted by some ignorant staff"

About: Princess Royal University Hospital (Orpington)

I unfortunately had to be induced on the 24th October 2014, which meant i could not go to the birthing center like i had planned. The lady who welcomed us was great, very upbeat and funny, she helped making us feel comfortable. When around 22:00 my water broke I was quite pleased. I called a midwife to let them know where we were at. The midwife who came was a new one due to shift change. That woman was horrible! She looked as if she did not believe me that my water had broke, but still in the end decided to examine me. She hurt me so much i was crying in pain when two minutes earlier i was perfectly fine. She spent so long to examine me that i was close to yell her to stop. Another lady on the ward even refused for this midwife to touch her, i believe she had examined her before and therefore did not want to be hurt again. Finally i was moved to a labour room with a lovely midwife who was nice and caring. As they were taking me away that horrible midwife smiled and said she would "come and see you and baby tomorrow", i did not smile back and i did not respond, she thankfully never paid us a visit. In the labour room we realised that the horrible midwife not only had hurt me but had not left any notes on my charts! So the new midwife examined me again and she did not hurt me at all, her examination was also quicker. When the morning shift started I got a new midwife C. C was fantastic! She was absolutely great and lovely. She never left the room without letting us know how long she would be. She took very good notes in the charts etc. Unfortunately i was pushing for about two hours and her shift did finish before my boy was born. She was replaced by another C. who was great too. They did overlap a bit to make sure the new midwife knew what was going on. Finally my boy was born. C gave him to me straight away. he was beautiful and healthy. she was very helpful and tried to advise me how to feed my baby since i wanted to breastfeed. Unfortunately the little one was not latching, she therefore got some formula for us and fed him with a cup, showing me how to do it and labelling the formula bottle with my name in case we needed it for the next feed. I was then moved again the new midwife was another sort of horrible. She was pretty unfriendly and was rushing us around. We got a private room which was nice. When i tried to feed my boy again he would not latch. This new horrible midwife was trying to force my nipple in my boy's mouth while he was crying, she was pinching my nipple and stating that my nipples were too flat so how could the baby eat with that! I was devastated. She then ordered my partner to go and buy formula! Which he did. Thankfully we then we're advised by two great feeding consultants.it took time and effort but my baby finally latched and he is still breastfed to date. So all in all the care was good when needed but some of the staff need training and bedside manners!

Story from NHS Choices

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