"Chaseing up my acid reflux test results."

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following me attending the hospital and completing overnight monitoring of my acid levels I was informed that I would receive a letter from them to discuss the next steps, However no letter came and after 3-4 weeks I started chasing with phone call after phone call being passed to different people one being the Consultant's personal assistant who all informed that they would look into and ring me back and call never received and then finally managed to sort an appointment with the Consultant to discuss the result which I was told would be on the 9th February 2015 received the letter the next day confirming this so went ahead and booked another day off from work to attend and then the following day received a letter advising that the appointment has had to be cancelled and to attend on march the 2nd instead and was only when I was looking at both letters realised that they were both sent on the 21st January so obviously a stalling measure which keeps me further taking double the normal amount of medication to keep my acid at bay and as advised should only be a short time solution as not recommended for long periods and have been taking now for some years please could someone please advise me as to the results of the test as cannot afford to start ringing again to be passed around and work are now becoming less patient with my constant requests for days to attend different appointments and I Forgot to mention I have visited the hospital numerous times now as first appointment was Trafford general where the specialist referred me to MRI as could not give treatment required so attended Trafford general a couple of times to be assessed the to be told to go to MRI and then again to be assessed and then assessed again then tests completed and no results and now just to get my results from December I am having to chase left and right to no avail and passed to different people then put on hold then says call back as very busy then I get through and again passed to another person who assures will find out and will ring no call and the final straw is to be given a day to attend and on the same day this be cancelled and another day given not a few hours later but weeks away again and no doubt will receive another letter as this appointment comes nearer the day?

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Response from Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We are very sorry to read your account of the difficulties you have experienced in getting an appointment to sort out the acid reflux problems you have been suffering. We can understand how debilitating this must be and how frustrating and distressing it is for you to not be given a set appointment date and feel you are phoning and chasing with no one coming back to you properly to arrange a date. The two different appointments sent on the same date is not acceptable and falls well below the standard of service the Central Manchester Hospitals Trust expects for patients.

We would like to look into the issues you have raised in this posting in more detail and learn lessons and work with the relevant departments to prevent this occurring in the future. To enable this we would need to know your specific case information and ask you to contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service ( PALS) either on 0161 276 8686 or by e-mailing pals@cmft.nhs.uk. We would like to say once again that we are very sorry to read your experience in getting your appointment.

The Patient Experience Team

Central Manchester University Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust

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