"Trauma 1"

About: Royal Cornwall Hospital (Treliske)

As a nurse myself I was disappointed with several aspects of care on Trauma 1 The majority of care was fine but unfortunately there were several aspects of care that were below the standard I would have expected at our hospital. As a nurse myself at RCHT I was not there to watch & be critical however I could not fail to notice some poor or dangerous practices. I did not receive an ID wristband until just prior to surgery on day 3 when I asked for one even though I had received several doses of oromorph without an ID check from any nurse. When my blood salvaging set was dismantled and a small bag of blood infused I assume that is when my drain was clamped for 14 hours until I was awake enough to notice myself. I was told only 50mls had drained so it would be coming out, however a further 250mls drained over the day, once it had been in clamped no longer salvageable. I pointed out to the same staff nurse that my IV site for my PCA was a little swollen itchy sore & blanched I was told oh it always happens if I swop it to the cannula in the other hand the same will happen. When the blood transfusion finished I asked to have it swopped. There was no further problem. During the drug round I asked for oromorph. I am aware it is not kept in the trolley but was assured it would be delivered after the drug round. In all I asked four times only to be told it's nearly the next drug round now. I eventually received it over 5 hours later. The same staff nurse arrived with three pots. He said 10 5 10 as he handed them to three patients. No ID was checked. My only other concern was when I saw an HCA approach the bed next to me with a bed pan whilst wearing a green apron for serving meals. Unless green aprons are kept in the sluice he kept the same apron on to serve the meals. I prayed he wouldn't serve mine. So why didn't I complain at the time? I was in a lot of pain pre & post op I was there as a patient not a nurse. As it was a weekend the sister was not on duty. I was transferred to St Michaels thankfully on Sunday where all aspects of care were .exemplorary. These aspects of care did happen, I have no axe to grind. I know the pressures we are under but I was not aware that the ward was especially busy but it was disappointing if this episode was normal practice. I cannot thank enough however x Ray who diagnosed my problem, my consultant who resolved the problem promptly and the anaesthetist who ensured a safe & pleasant anaesthetic and post op comfort. I am making an excellent recovery thanks also to St Michaels nurses Physios & OT who were all excellent.

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