"Prison not hospital"

About: Littlebrook Hospital

My wife has been in this hospital (multi sex/Woodlands Ward) for 2 weeks now having suffered in laymans terms a "nervous breakdown". She comes from a good family, home & has worked hard all of her life, inc 20 years as a staff nurse. I visit everyday & to be honest I think the place is hindering her recovery. She has just been pumped full of Meds & left. She/we have no idea of her care plan and I was not told what was happening with her for over a week & not until I requested a meeting with her consultant. The staff do not want to talk to her or me & show little interest. She is just left to her own devices. It is worse than a prison; at least in prison you have certain luxuries in your room. The patients need, but do not get 1 to 1 talking. Instead all I see is the staff chatting to each other or tapping onto their laptops. My wife has had cancer & a bi-lateral mastectomy. She is only 7st dripping wet & needs a bath (not a shower) every morning to warm up, but this has become an everyday, despite it allegedly being on her care plan. Yesterday she asked for a bath at 8am, only to be told that the bathroom was out of action for the weekend as it was being used as a temporary storeroom. Having made several stern phone calls, I eventually managed to get her a bath at 4.30pm on another ward. How can you deny a patient the basic human right of a bath. Why is a bathroom being used as a storeroom ? It is inhumane, outrageous & disgusting! If you do want to care and treat patients with kindness, dignity and respect, you should not be working on a hospital ward. From what I have seen, heard and experienced, there is a distinct lack of compassion shown towards the patients from 'some' of the staff. Some of the staff are basically bone idle & just cannot be bothered. Patients are constantly turned away & fobbed off with various lame excuses. It is meant to be a hospital and not a prison. I fully intend to formally complain & make my experiences public via social media & press.

Story from NHS Choices

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