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About: Croydon University Hospital

Being 30 weeks pregnant I had a midwife appointment and was having difficulty breathing went to my mid wife appointment at 12 and she sent me to A'E yhe waiting was very long I waited untill 1:30bto see the first nurses checked my bp and sent me for ECG after that blood was taken with the nidel thing left in my arm in case they need to tame blood again (they did not it was there untill I was discharges ) by this time my chest is feeling tighter breathing getting worse I was asked to wait for a dr I waited from being seen at 1:30 to being seen at 6pm I had not eaten when asked if I could fo get some food I was told I need to stay there (waiting corridors ) no help was offered with seating now if I was pregnant I would not have been as bother ... mine while a regular AE patient as I later found out was on the hospital will chairs screaming asking for food and drinks and she was given them no questions aske whilst drunk she managed to go out and smoke telling every nurse she has seen in tje corridors about how she hasn't eaten since morning (lies) a anyway buy now my partners arrived 9.30 as I was not able to leave the building to get signal for him to find me ... 10.30 I get called in mh a dr with my blood results which come bood with traces of blood clot leading to my lungs .. he tell us this and saus he will be back ( I never saw him again ) tired hungry hald asleep on the bed some other doctor asks as to leave the bed he said because they don't allow patients to stay in them soo we go to stand in another corridor meanwhile a nurse is looking for as and this doctor has told her the roo. Was empty when he got ther .. any too much to right the last doctor I see asked a nurse to give me this blood thinning inject ... im asked to lie down and unaware she jabs it in my stomach .. and says I can go home but I stayed because I wanted the discharge letterI still have the blood drain thing in my arm that drunk woman is still getting more attention than people who are not in very good condition ... as we leave 2am we here a man complaint about being been there ftom 6am .. I come back the next day to get my prescription from the night before and turns out my dose was too high for a pregnant person ... my experience was horrible now I have to give birth to my babay in this hospital I dont think soo

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