"Septoplasty surgery Monday 26 January"

About: Watford General Hospital

Booking in was a bit unprofessional, a group of nurses were working/talking/standing and I introduced myself. I was given a sticker & told to sit in the lounge with 10 other people. I was given no other information. An hour and a half later later I got a call from the hospital wanting to know why I hadn't attended my appointment. I informed them I was indeed in the lounge and had a sticker to prove it! Point number 1: you must have a log in book. After that we were left on our own for 3 or 4 hours, then someone would call your name and you would be told something or asked a question, then nothing more for another hour or so. A point Number 2: once we were all in the room it would have been useful for a nurse to come in and explain that we would be called at various times during the day, and that unfortunately for some of us we may have to wait for up to 6hours. I had assumed that I would be having the procedure within an hour of arrival - shows you what I know about the NHS. I was spoke to by the anaesthesetist and she was extremely professional and helpful. I felt very reassured by her manner. At around 4.15 I was called (I was still dressed which shocked them, but no one had told me to change). I was wheeled into the pre-op area and the anaesthesia team were very friendly and kind. No problems here. Point 3: I really really would have loved to say hello to the consultant. It wasn't gong to be the consultant I had seen throughout and I would have felt reassured to have met him. After care was excellent. All of the staff were very attentive and kind (I was in the older womens ward, and I noticed how attentive they were of the other patients too). I had a simply horrid night (as one would expect) but it could have been made easier with some synthetic saliva (something you don't have). I would have bought my own if I had known. The following morning a nurse took the packing out, the nurse and was very gentle and an hour later I was discharged. I was given lots of generic information (rest, drink liquids etc), but nothing that related to the op I had undergone, I have spent the last 4 days reading websites trying to make sure that what I am experiencing is normal. I know now for example that I shouldn't blow my nose, but I don't know when I can blow my nose. So point 5: these are routine ops to you. They are not to us, perhaps some op specific info could be provided particularly if we aren't going to see a consultant or doctor

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