"Poor care for my 16 year old daughter"

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(as a relative),

My daughter (aged sixteen) has had pain above her right hip for about 3 weeks and on Friday it got worse. We thought it might be he appendix or something along those lines. We took her to Northern General A and E where she was assessed relatively quickly on the front of A and E and was then sent around back for further examination. The female doctor there was kind and caring and informative of the following procedures. She had a cannula fitted and she said she needed an ultra sound scan to determine source of pain; which could possibly have been her appendix. That was where the care and consideration stopped.

She was sent up to firth 5 surgical assessment unit (SAU) at around 2 pm where she was given a paracetamol IV into her cannula for the pain and that was it. Five hours later she was moved across the hall to firth 5. After around 20 minutes I had to go and tell the nurse that my daughter’s drip bag in instead of being on a stand was just placed on top of her pillow on her bed. I got a drip stand and placed the drip back on myself. What a good start.

We waited till end of visiting time and still no news about the scan .Try to imagine how my daughter felt and how anxious we were to hear anything that was happening. We asked a nurse about the scan and we were told ‘yes she’s having a scan but don’t know when’. That’s when we were left waiting all day for a scan that never arrived.

The following day at 2pm visiting time we saw our daughter and she informed us she had had a scan and they couldn’t see her appendix as it was obscured by the liver; so appendix ruled out. She had had an internal in the early hours to check her ovaries and that was it.

We as parents of a sixteen your old girl never spoke to her consultant about it then at 3.30 pm (end of visiting) we had to leave. We came back at 6 pm until 8pm visiting. We then left and on the way home we were rang by my daughter saying she could come out. This was a bit surprised as we had just left! We got back on the ward and we told "oh sorry she could have gone home around midday". There was no explanation of anything found she was just told to take painkillers and was discharged.

The consultants get a good pay; does this mean the higher they get paid the less bedside manners or cold hearted they get? I wonder if the consultant we dealt with has children and would like the care (or lack off) that we received?

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