"Appaulling treatment Outrageous"

About: Frimley Park Hospital (Frimley)

Upon arriving in A and E I cant fault the treatment I received here nor the treatment I received from the staff on MAU. however that is far as the positives go. I was admitted for an asthma attack twice in 2 weeks after I felt I was discharged too quickly the first time. I was sent for a CT scan but the needle I had in my arm was too small to fit the dye through so they had to insert a larger one. After 7 or more attempts later both my arms were bruised. One nurse said its not in but still tried to flush it at which point I nearly shot off my chair. I was left severely bruised and in a lot of pain. A Dr then came round a little while later and told me the CT scan was clear except I had a breast lump. There were 2 problems here - 1 the CT scan was not clear as I read myself on my discharge letter. I had a bronchocele. Now I had no idea what this was so upon leaving the hospital I then had to call my GP to calm me down and obviously didn't have the opportunity to ask any questions as I was lied to! Then we have the ultrasound scan to investigate the lump. I was wheeled down and a nurse came out and invited me into the room and told me to remove upper clothing and the Dr was on her way. I was laying there for 15 minutes or more freezing and nervous before the Dr arrived. She was cold, robotic and insensitive. She decided to perform a needle aspiration on the lump and just stuck the huge thick needle straight in. It was agony! After she poked and poked around she announced oh I could have used a local anaesthetic but that would have been 2 needles not 1. Correct me if I am wrong but if she had used the local anaesthetic then I wouldn't have felt the 2nd one! I was then wheeled out to the waiting room crying my eyes out and left for over an hour as the nurse forgot to tell the porter I was ready to go back up to the ward! I wasn't even offered a tissue despite several nurses/doctors and porters walking passed me. Later on in my stay I was moved to G5 respiratory ward where things just got worse. It was dirty, nurses were rude, an elderly woman fell out of bed and it took 10 minutes for someone to even come and see her despite a call button being pushed. The nurses moaned about other patients and lack of staff at the end of the beds which as a patient is not what you want to hear. On the day of discharge I was practically ejected from my bed by a very rude nurse despite me saying I had questions and was unable to contact my husband to come and collect me! Since then it has been revealed that paperwork has been incorrectly filled out and as such I am still waiting for a respiratory appointment that should have happened at the beginning of this month. So have been left coughing up blood and suffering because they still haven't and aren't doing their jobs properly. I certainly don't feel safe or cared for in this hospital and will avoid at all costs if I can! Maybe you can reply to this quicker than your CEO does to complaints!

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