"Brilliant Service and Quick Action From off duty Ambulance-Christmas Hero!"

About: Scottish Ambulance Service / Emergency Ambulance

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2 days before Christmas Eve, while last minute shopping in the local centre, a young boy had been playing around a display cabinet while his mother spoke to a stall owner.

Unfortunately the young lad appeared to slip and smashed his head through some glass leaving a large covering of shattered glass and a very panicked crowd and mother, neither of which, including myself, knew what to do!

Fortunately a young lad came running from round a corner and immediately took charge calming the patient, the mother and the crowd and seeking a first aid kit.

It transpired after a few seconds that this young lad was indeed an off duty ambulance technician who worked for a privately owned ambulance company- The name of which I cannot remember!

After a few minutes and a thorough cleaning of the cut on the boys head, he spent a further few minutes ensuring mum was okay with taking him home and provided a very detailed list of what to look out for! He even wished the boy a merry christmas and managed to get him to crack a smile!

This young lad who helped with this s a credit to his training and company and should be congratulated for his quick actions attitude to the whole incident.

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