"How I was treated after my miscarriage"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary / Gynaecology

(as the patient),

In October last year I found out at 16 wks I had miscarried, this was my 2nd one that year.

I went home knowing my baby had died inside me and they were making me wait 6 days until they would do the procedure to remove it, this was on a Tues on the weds and Thurs I was suffering with back ache and stomach cramps, I rang the maternity ward to be told not to worry and just come in on the Monday.

Later the Thurs afternoon I felt something pop inside me, I went to toilet and there my baby came out... Scared and shaking I rang the maternity ward to be told to keep pushing and eventually the umbilical cord with come away, the nurse said once this has happened if in no pain to ring back tomorrow.

After 40 mins I was still sat there, luckily my partner and friend was with me, she then rang 111, I spoke to a man at the other end and he sent an ambulance, when it arrived I was still sat on the toilet, it was 2 men and they wasn't sure what to do either so they rang the maternity ward to be told they wouldn't take me there so I had to go to a&e.

With the help of my friend we managed to scoop up the baby and place it on me whilst I walked to the ambulance. I saw this baby and it was fully formed. After arriving at a&e the doctor was lovey and couldn't believe the maternity ward wouldn't take me there after the experience I had just had. The baby was placed in a bag and put on a table at the side of me, when I eventually got taken to the maternity ward they placed it at my feet as they pushed me there on the bed I was on.

Nobody told me what would happen to the baby, I was just put in a cubical and left. I saw a nurse twice whilst there and only because I buzzed for her, after being on the ward for over 2hrs I was told I could discharge myself if I wanted as they didn't know when I would see a doctor, so I did - to be then told to come back Monday for the procedure I was booked in for. This was Thurs, I hadn't seen a doctor and this nurse was telling me to come back 4 days later? I questioned this because the doctor on a&e said I still had blood clots inside me but I needed to see a doctor on the maternity ward. The nurse then came back and said: "I've just spoken to a nurse that knows more than me and she will book you in for a scan tomorrow."

I think its disgusting the fact nobody came to talk to me about what had happened, what would happen to the baby, never saw a doctor on maternity and was told it was ok to discharge myself. The nurse on the phone was more or less telling me to push my baby so it went into the toilet. I saw it, if I had it may have gone straight down, its disgusting she advised me to do this.

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