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(as a relative),

The new Health Centre (Vermuden Centre) at Thorne is a "one stop shop for most health and related services in Thorne and the surrounding area. Doncaster PCT occupies one area of the building. Down a corrdor and round a corner is an unmanned reception desk and a waiting area.

I had brought my elderly mother (92) from the care home where she is staying for her annual diabetes eye check, the appointment being for 1 pm . Another lady was also waiting for the same treatment. There were no staff around and no signs indicating if this was the correct area to wait. I had to go to the main reception area where I was told that we were supposed to be in the OTHER area down the bottom of the corridor and through some double doors. Again we were confronted by another room with chairs and indications that it was the ultra-sound room. Still no staff. At 1.05 a nurse came from a side room and started taking names only to be told that my mothers appointment was for 2.40. When I queried this I was told that the "computer" said it was 2.40 and that was that. I was told that I could wait if I liked and they would see if there were any cancellations and they would "try and fit us in". This was causing great distress to my mother as she suffers from a weak bowel and was worried about the toilet (actually it was only around the corner).

We were "fitted in" about 15minutes after our appointment time!!

The treatment we have recieved at the Vermuyden Centre and the lack of staff to man the PCT area compounded by the inadequate signage makes what is often a rather stressful experience even more so.

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