"Dissappointed and lack of care by hospital"

About: Broomfield Hospital

My wife is 25 weeks pregnant, we have been to broomfield hospital 5 times in 7 days. Last Sunday she was diagnosed with a blood clot but could not have a scan as it was Sunday, fair enough. Went Monday had scan and was properly diagnosed. My wife was in extreme pain and could not walk. We saw several doctors and was given Enoxaparin sodium injections what stops clots. We then went back a few days later as my wife kept fainting in extreme pain and was in all night we was told just like the other doctors only take paracetamol and nothing else we can do go home. A day on we went back again, we were told there was nothing could be done, but the doctor then said to my wife get the bed, what my wife explained she couldn't. She was taken for another scan and diagnosed with a bladder infection, 4-5 doctors had seen her previous... We were sent home with amoxycillin. 2 dyas ago we went to the midwife for a check up, she was furious when she saw us coming in on crutches, she knew nothing of this as the hospital had not informed. My wife fainted in the surgery and was sent by ambulance to broomfield, they told us to make sure she was kept in to be kept safe. At broomfield we saw two doctors, the first lady brilliant( but left due to shift end), second doctor, female, useless. We were told to go home with morphine and cocadamal, I explained to the nurse i was not happy as I felt it was unsafe and the midwife said she needed care. The nurse saw us and said go home no problems, no care - no worry. On the way out of the hospital my wife went to the toilet, the doctor came up to us 3 times after discharging us asking on separate times "any blood loss," " any problems with toilet." This doctor did not check the notes and then decided to, no way should she keep coming back asking! We were warned also on our way out to get a second opinion as she was not safe! If that is not worrying! We are back my wife is still very ill but the hospital will not do anything tomorrow she can by pass these wards and go straight to maternity wards that is what we have to wait. To make it worse I went to the doctors today to get more claxane as we are nearly out. Whitney house surgery cant give me any as the hospital has not informed them so I rang broomfield just now and got put onto anti natelm, the receptionist said there was nothing she can do gave me an appointment for 9.45 with a consultant. I asked what about the claxane the important drug to stop my wifes blood clot, "oh dont worry a few days without it wont harm!". It will be 6 days without it, absolutely disgusting and potentially life threatening. I take it the receptionist is a fully qualified doctor? I have lost trust in the NHS after this!

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