"She arrived at the PICU angry as well as unable to..."

She arrived at the PICU angry as well as unable to communicate normally because it was her 3rd hospital transfer & once again...unable to communicate, she was being put in the hands of people who needed to get to know her from scratch. So they thought the anger was part of the condition and heavily sedated her. But after an initial fight in which both sides broke through the stranger barrier sharing some quite ice breaking moments, they discovered what a lovely gentle person she is and didnt transfer her somewhere else. They also lifted the sedation once they realised she'd settled in & the anger was gone. The staff were very hard to talk to even though a few short simple sentences exchanged would have avoided a lot of heartache. They had a very tough no nonsense persona which was also closed ears & avoiding eye contact. However they got the job done when all the other hospitals had sent my sister elsewhere saying they cant handle the situation. When my sister left another patient had arrived who was totally ready to kick off and wanted to attack them. I think they are defensive because they have a very tough job & my minor complaint isnt a big deal its just a way to reduce the burden on them if they hear it & understand.......... I knew what would provoke my sister to kick off and just 20 seconds of talking with the staff could have come up with a way to not trigger her & avoid that kick off

Story from NHS Choices

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