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(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

These are the latest comments from our Service Users that have been fed back to us as part of the Patient Experience Questionnaires:

PEQ: It seemed to be a long wait for my first appointment but subsequently all went well and helped me and was very beneficial indeed.

PEQ: Really great Service which has helped me to understand myself much better and make positive changes to my life.

PEQ: Cara at Wakefield was brilliant and so understanding.

PEQ: When I eventually got treatment (waited from Nov'13 - July'14) my Therapist really took her time to explain how my condition manifests itself and how to deal/treat it - helping me through each step on the way.

PEQ: I didn't have many sessions and they only last 30mins a time, so sometimes I felt I had to rush. However, my counsellor was brill.

PEQ: I was happy with the way I was treated as a person and not just a number my Therapist Laura was amazing and really helpful.

PEQ: Although I didn't get to see a Therapist I felt the lady who rang me (Rose) was very caring and suggested self help leaflets, which were very helpful I am going to try and self help my feelings If I can't cope I will not hesitate to ring Turning Point. Thank you to all.

PEQ: I found this therapy extremely helpful for my anxiety that had got out of control. I wanted it to work so did embrace the principals wholeheartedly. I understood to make it work I had to do the exercises set to show me the therapy does work once I believed this and it altered how I thought as well as reacted I was only ever going to improve.

PEQ: An excellent support services carried out by a good team who took time and are with regard to excel person's individual needs.

PEQ: I attended a group rather than one to one sessions for me this was a good way of accessing support because I had lost some of my confidence. I was out of work when I attended the Group and attending every week ensured there was a structure to my week. I was not sure if sessions would have helped as I was "that bad" compared to how I had been in the past however, it really worked and when I am feeling anxious and not confident I give myself a "talking to" and do not let things bother me as much. If you would like other information for any reason please contact me. Thank you so much as I am now feeling I am starting my life again x

CARD: Stephen – Thank you so much for all your support throughout my CBT sessions whilst the techniques you have given me have been fantastic and helped me a great deal, it was your input that made me really believe that I could do things I had previously worried about and also improve my confidence. Hopefully I can continue to use what I have learnt and experienced to progress further. I really appreciate all you have done. Kind regards,

PEQ: Constructive and reassuring felt well supported.

PEQ: All of the staff at Rightsteps have been fantastic! Extremely helpful and professional at all times Rachel! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

PEQ: Claire listened to all my issues – it did help telling all my problems to a “stranger” sometimes you can’t do this with the family.

PEQ: I found the experience beneficial and helpful and I was helped to get things in proportion and to be able to deal with my problems.

PEQ: I got help very quickly and was made to feel comfortable and normal. Thank you

PEQ: Excellent service. Hope I find a Service like this when I move to Cumbria. Thank you very much

PEQ: Very pleased with the service provided, was very surprised how quick my progress was.

PEQ: Very friendly, honest advice and realistic advice. I do feel this has helped me.

PEQ: I have had numerous group therapies, but I have only just received an appointment for one to one counselling

PEQ: I found that talking to someone outside my family was the best for me and helpful.

PEQ: 3 month waiting list was a disappointment. Steven was fantastic and will be forever grateful for his help, professionalism and kindness.

PEQ: The waiting time for the first appointment was too long. However, the treatment was excellent when eventually received.

PEQ: I was really grateful to Rachel and the Service it was like a lifeline I have listened and got a better understanding to my illness and feel I had support by Rightsteps and am trying to put these techniques to practice. I feel I have come a long way but still have a way to go yet.

PEQ: With regard to Turning Point Rightsteps I did not realise that the NHS had this service available. I am inclined to of the phrase a trouble shared is a trouble halved! Thank you for the two booklets

PEQ: My assessment was done over the phone, although it was very professional and sympathetic I do wonder if the result would have be different with a face to face assessment where more discussion would be forthcoming.

PEQ: I have attended two courses and one to one sessions at the centre and found them all to be of great interest. I have received help and understanding with my problems and have never at any time felt intimidated. Thank you very much for all the support.

PEQ: I was pleasantly surprised to have a Therapist so nice, and who listened to me. Rachel has given me the confidence I needed to get myself back to normal. Thank you Rachel.

PEQ: I found it helpful talking to Rachel and it worked out better instead of pushing it to one side. I have moved on from these sessions and building my life back together.

PEQ: The therapist was fantastic and went above and beyond to help me out with the two questions I had and information I required. She was brilliant in her delivery and also followed up where necessary with me. Many thanks.

PEQ: By getting individual paperwork instead of masses in on go it was easier to work to a goal that worked well for me, talking and listening to someone who understood my situation, help me so well and so got a result much quicker than I imagined. Thank you.

PEQ: I used the telephone facility. Each and everyone I spoke to over the phone had a caring, kind and comforting approach to my calls. (The relaxation CD, I found particularly helpful). Each call always ended on a positive note which enabled me to push myself forward, even if, at the time, I didn't think it possible. A big thank you.

PEQ: After referring myself for treatment I was sceptical about being offered a 6 week group course but this was actually very helpful to me. I never received one to one treatment as months went by of me being on the waiting list I feel someone who is in a worse position that me might struggle lone for that amount of time.

PEQ: I feel that my therapist helped me through my difficulties. Due to her step by step approach I gained confidence and a better understanding of how to deal with my OCD. Since my appointments I feel that I have got better and I have trust and confidence in Rightsteps should I request help in the future.

PEQ: The group meeting are not all what I thought they would be like each session is conducted in a very calm and informal manner making it easy for an individual to be open about themselves and join in if they wanted to. I came away from every session feeling very relaxed and pleased with what I had learned.

PEQ: I found the telephone service/therapy a waste of time I didn't feel the Therapist fully took on board what I told her. The face to face Therapy with Leanne has changed me as a person which has helped me and my whole family it has totally changed my life without Leanne helping me over the last 6+ months I do not think my family would still be intact and together. Thank you very much! ! !

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