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(as the patient),

After an angiogram on 12th March 2009 I was prescribed Atorvastatin by the doctor and took them for 10/12 days. I stopped taking them on 31st March because of loss of appetite and a horrible sickly sweet taste. Since then I have not had a meal but I have to rely on whatever I can eat at any one time, i.e. I lived on a tin and a half of soup for about 5 weeks but I can't have that any more as it too has 'the taste'. I have been eating perhaps a handful of baked croutons when I feel hungry or a fried egg, perhaps a one egg omelette (am off eggs at the moment, a few chip shop chips) and so it goes on. I try different things each day to see if I can tolerate them and have bought different foods only to have to throw them out.

What makes me very angry and very sad is that nobody seems to care. I seem to be coping 'so get on with it' is how I feel I am being treated. I have been prescribed lozenges to suck, anti-sickness pills and I have been to see an Oral Specialist and she is the only person who really seems to care and was also apologetic because she could not help me. I have had so many blood tests and it all proves that I am very healthy and it must be the side effects. I have been to see a dietician this morning and her attitude appalled me. She even suggested that "it was all in my mind" and that when I prepare something to eat I think "this is going to be horrible". That is not the case and I told her. I am desperate to eat. I am so hungry all the time, I am very weepy and cry when anyone asks me how I am.

My life has been ruined and nobody seems to care. I have been told my taste will come back but it will take months.

I even had to write to the Drug Company myself and they had the decency to reply. They couldn't deal with me but did deal with my Doctor. I have not been told what was said in the correspondence. I do know that my doctor received quite a lengthy letter from the Drug Company.

I can't carry on like this much longer but who can I turn to.. Who can I complain to because I feel they should not get away with what they are doing to me? It has affected my husband as well because he is worried for me and also we used to go out for meals twice or three times a week, we can't go out now. We usually go on day trips or a few days away, but we can't even do that.

I would appreciate any help.

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