"Parkinsons treatment/rehabilitation"

About: Kingston Hospital / Older people's healthcare London (Roehampton) - Douglas Bader Rehabilitation Centre

(as a relative),

My mother has Parkinsons. She had a fall some weeks ago. My mother moved to Extra Care Housing last August which has been a life saver. Her carers are on site 24 hours a day.

When my mother fell she badly grazed her arm and the carers called an ambulance and my mother was taken to Kingston Hospital to be checked and assessed. Initially on their assessment ward, which despite being manic and very busy, seemed to run well. She was then transferred to a ward. Again everything was fine. Staff were kind and helpful and aware.

My mother was then transferred to Roehampton Hospital to the Mary Seacole rehabilitation ward - to maximise her mobility - she was to stay for two weeks. During this time family and friends watched my mother deteriorate. The ward is brand new - large bays - staff allocated to each bay etc. My mother was to have physiotherapy and we thought she would be encouraged to move as much as possible in order to speed recovery. Unfortunately apart from when she was taken for physio she and other patients, from what I can tell, remained in bed or sitting by their beds with no seemingly stimulation, no activity, no conversation, no television - nothing. It was as if they were all waiting for the end.

Some of the staff were lovely. Others, I believe, should question why they are there. I often saw tea being delivered in silence - no hello - no addressing patients by name. I watched with great sadness as my mother tried to catch the womens eye and say hello but either the nurse was paying no attention or ignored her.

I discovered a lovely dining room - but I never saw any patient being taken in there - surely a place where patients could be taken to enjoy a social interaction whilst having their meals. This to me would have been rehabilitation. Encouraged/helped to a day lounge to see others etc.

There was another lady at the other end of the bay that my mother could have chatted to - but they were never moved near each other.

We were all so concerned at the deterioration of my mother during this stay so I requested her discharge. You want to trust doctors and professionals to be doing the best for those you love but I fear that was not the case.

I discovered her medication had been reduced with no explanation, which meant that she was not on full power. She was also being given her meds 6 hourly as opposed to 4 hourly as she was used to. On discharg, her medication was not correct this has taken a week to sort out. Still no explanation from doctor at hospital about why he reduced her medication.

Now back home, her carers are shocked at how she has changed in the three weeks she has been away. She is now very vulnerable and at serious risk of another fall. All this for a graze on her arm.

I also watched what I considered to be abuse by a member of staff to the lady in the next bed. The member of staff seemed to delight in tormenting this poor lady. I feel that the patients were not shown the respect and dignity that they deserve. We will all one day be elderly and I don't want to have to expect treatment like this.

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