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I was admitted to The Royal London Hospital at the end of April after collapsing with severe stomach pains. I was brought in in an ambulance (which was probably the only part of my stay that was actually done well - the paramedics were great) and given a bed in the A&E department. I was absolutely terrified. I'd just turned 18, was alone babysitting my niece when I collapsed and this was the first time I'd been rushed into hospital in my entire life. The pain was absolutely unbearable and I was given gas & air in the ambulance which wears off very quickly when you stop inhaling it. When the paramedics left me in the A&E department they took the gas & air with them. The pain that was intolerable even with gas & air was a million times worse without it. A very, very rude & in-compassionate nurse came round to 'greet' me I suppose, as that was pretty much all she did. She did not administer any pain relief, inform me of what would be happening next or even tell me her name, it was just a 'hello' so that I knew that there was someone at least around, if not doing their actual job, and then she left again. I was screaming in agony and was struggling to breathe due to the pain and also bursting to use the bathroom but when I attempted to, I could not urinate at all, even though it felt as though I really had to. After about half an hour with no word from any staff, no pain relief, and my constant screaming, my mum went to locate the 'nurse' who greeted me who came and picked up a gas&air canister that was sitting right next to my cubicle and gave it to me. How dare she of left me for half an hour in absolute agony when all she had to do was walk five steps to give it to me. She was so rude and cold I could not believe it. Quick tip: don't go into a role that includes helping people if you're a mean, selfish person. When I was finally seen by a doctor I was given intravenous morphine straight away (which tells you how bad the pain was) but I threw this up straight away as the nurse failed to inform me that it can sometimes give you nausea which I am very prone to and had she of given me some anti sickness medication first I would of been more tolerant of the morphine. The doctor seemed quite inexperienced and wasn't able to give me a diagnosis, I was told it was between a stomach ulcer, an ectopic pregnancy, a very bad UTI or appendicitis. I was confused and worried about so many possible diagnosis' and wasn't treated with any dignity or compassion when I questioned them. Due to not being able to pass urine I had a catheter fitted which I was promised by the nurses would 'empty my bladder immediately' which did not work and was terrified when I overheard the nurses speaking and saying they had never had this happen with any other patient before. I was kept in the a&e department for a good few hours until they decided where they were going to transfer me to and when they did, it was somewhat of a relief. **Continued in another post as reached limit**

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