"variable care at Homerton - especially at night."

About: Homerton University Hospital

(as the patient),

Our dad was admitted 3 weeks ago he is currently getting treatment,the doctors are fantastic,and about a hand full of nurses are very caring.

We as a family have experienced some very poor care towards our loved one,we have all had to put our jobs and lives on hold to take care of our father in the hospital day and night,between 5 of us we take turns to sleep in hospital.We understand the staff shortage but cannot understand why at night there are only 3 nurses to look after 1 ward with 4 different parts. Also it sometimes looks to us as if some nurses manage to slope off to sleep for 2_3 hours during the night. Meanwhile we take care of a patiant who has a serious ilness,in need of medical assistance every 20mins.We do every thing for our dad, from oxygen masks or every thing a nurse should be doing. We understand there are a few private room for patients who need to be in isolation,which is great BUT we would like to know why, if patients are allowed to leave the hospital for 2_3 days on end then return back , they need isolation?

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