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(as the patient),

I am not sure if this is a right website to write about this matter as it is about a general care (or lack of care) of nhs in the UK.

I am in my mid thirties and I used to have problems with my vericose veins. I had them treated abroad (I am a foreigner, and however poor social care might be in my original country, I must admit that medical care standards are much higher).

As I live in the UK now, I saw my gp to talk about my vericose veins problem. I was shocked when I was told that NHS in the UK does not treat vericose veins any more as this is a reocurring problem! The only way my vericose veins could be treated would be if they were danger to my life, but 'I am far too young and far too fit for that' - this is exactly what I was told! I couldn't have believed that!

Coming with that attitude, cancer should not be treated as this is a reocurring problem and generally no disease should be ever treated as we all have to die at the end!

So basically I have to wait till my vericose veins get so bad that the only solution would be to cut off my leg? That how it basically sounds.. Or maybe if I start binging on fast-foods, cigarettes and alcohol I will receive some consideration from NHS - as I am far too fit now to be treated seriously.

I realise this letter sounds rather bitter, unfortunatelly, my experience with NHS in England was rather bitter. I do not know who decides how much money will be spend on medical treatment, but I do not feel any benefits of paying my taxes.

I have no children (as I can't afford it) and I am far 'too young and too fit' to receive medical treatment from NHS. So maybe if I'm so young and fit and don't need medical treatment, I could also be an exemption from paying taxes? That would at least make some sense.

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