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About: Derriford Hospital

I have found out that my probable surgery date is February 2015. This will be 22 weeks+ from seeing the consultant and his saying he would put me on the list (referral date first week of september 2014). This is obviously well beyond the Government deadline for commencing treatment of 18 weeks. Let me state very clearly, I have received absolutely no treatment since seeing him on October 6th 2014. I have very limited use of my left hand and recently found IBD. I can't use cutlery in my left hand, so have to eat with my fingers and get somone to cut up my food. I'm alone for extended periods, which leaves me eating dry toast only. I struggle washing/dressing, an assessment for any help wont happen for 26 weeks. I can't write, do daily tasks. In addition I walk with a stick, and due to damaged left shoulder have to use my right hand (the wrong side). In order to get about the bungalow even I'm living on tramadol, in order to be able to hold the stick, it's still immensly painfull. Even with all this, and being put on the wrong waiting list by NHS staff initally, I'm being made to wait over 22 weeks for my surgery i.e. treatment to begin. I've received no help or treatment from Derriford during this waiting time. Apparently I only receive a rating of 'routine' despite not being able to eat or live with any modicum of normality or decency. PALS and staff have been rude, obstructive and it appears doing everything extend this wait as long as they can. They wont even acknowledge their mistake and put me where I should have been on the correct surgery list, after months of waiting they have made me start at the beginning again, which is grossly unfair for their mistake, not mine. The way I'm expected to live whilst they don't even try to meet the 18 week deadline is degrading and lacking humanity. All I get is 'it's not my problem' from staff. Their 'caring and compassion with excellence' logo is an absolute joke. I was told they would not look for an alternative place for surgery until the day before the 18 week expires. They should have been looking back in November when they realised I had been put on the wrong waiting list and would have to wait now until Feb! Totally lacking in care, compassion and excellence.

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