"I had torn my cartilage and indeed did not have cramp!"

About: Scarborough General Hospital / Accident and emergency Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

(as the patient),

I was taken to Scarborough A&E hospital by ambulance whilst holidaying in Barmston in the Spring Bank holidays. My knee locked whilst crouching down to ignite the oven. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't straighten or bend my leg. I was in absolute agony and had to call for an ambulance. I thought the paramedics were brilliant they gave me gas and air for the pain and took me off to A&E. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the consultant that saw me in A&E. I really felt he was unsympathetic to the extreme pain I was in. He felt around my knee and advised me that I had a severe case of cramp and that I needed to straighten my leg. With that he then pulled my leg straight and pushed onto it.

I couldn't believe it I thought I was going to pass out with the pain. I screamed the hospital down and asked him to stop. He then proceeded to give me acupuncture which again felt torturous. I thought he was very dismissive of me and didn't seem to care that I was in acute pain. He then said that there was nothing he could do for me and that maybe I'd torn my hamstring. He also said that footballers had to deal with this type of injury all the time. I understand that my injuries were not life threatening but he diagnosed cramp/hamstring injury without even an x-ray or an ultrasound. I think surely when somebody is in so much pain, wouldn’t you investigate it further? He sent me home with a bandage and crutches. I asked him for painkillers and he said I had to buy them over the counter. I begged for something strong as it was 16:30 on a Sunday afternoon and the pharmacy would be closed. He then said to take paracetamol and to buy it at the garage. I couldn't believe it; I was in tears and in excruciating pain. Upon returning home I saw a physio who referred me to a knee specialist. He confirmed that I had torn my cartilage and indeed did not have CRAMP. I have had an operation to repair my cartilage and am now recuperating at home. I still have nightmares of the pain and physiological damage that I believe the consultant may have caused me.

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