"Poor treatment"

About: Milton Keynes Hospital

I had a cyst on my ovary which took two hospital (as in admitted twice) visits to diagnose in addition to two scans. I asked to see the gyny each time and was always refused. Left for several days in the ward with no doctor coming to see me and no news of what was going on...only fed codeine for pain so severe I was throwing up. When I finally called PALS, I was talked down to by the staff for doing so, but sitting there in pain for days and not being told anything about your care is ridiculous. No pelvic exam and was told sometimes women my age just have pains in their abdomen for no reason. They finally went in to remove my appendix after going on and on about how there was likely nothing wrong with me and surprise, surprise--there was a hemorrhaging cyst. I was sent home with no after care and no appointment for a follow up. The pain again got so severe that I came back to my GP who said he would send in a request for a scan. It is almost a week later and no letter about the scan has come in the post. I went back by ambulance a few days later and they doctor told me because I had a quick heartbeat, I had developed an infection...still no scan. When I complained about the treatment I have received, they talked down to me and acted like because I am American, I don't understand that this horrible service is commonplace. They also kept trying to feed me very strong painkillers that made me feel ill and acted like I was an idiot when I said I didn't want any more...I just wanted them to fix the pain instead of constantly giving me strong narcotics. I finally paid to visit a private doctor who told me it was irresponsible of them not to do an emergency scan as it could be a serious complication. I will finally have the dumb scan tomorrow, but am having to pay out of pocket since the order for my other scan must've been sent by carrier pigeon and he must've gotten lost. It was either that or be admitted to the hospital again and wait 3-5 days being fed narcotics whilst I wait for the scan. Oh...and he's requested a pelvic exam, which this hospital refused to do because gyny "is too busy." If I need more surgery, I will either pay private or go somewhere else. Seriously...a fluid filled cyst is not even that big of a deal. It shouldn't cause this much drama. Get it together.

Story from NHS Choices

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