"Dissatisfied after appt with specialist nurse"

About: Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

(as the patient),

On May 8th, after a long haul, I was given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I went to the Gloucester Royal for Lumbar puncture on 17th May and today returned to see the specialist nurse. My appt lasted less than 15mins and I came out feeling less informed and less supported than when I went in. He didn't listen to me, he didn't answer any questions, he was rude and hostile, and seemed to have no compassion or humanity about him. I have met him before, as he did my Lumbar puncture but he didn't introduce himself by name, and didn't introduce the student nurse who was there to observe. He didn't know what symptoms I've had for past 4-5 mths, he didn't know what I meant by grading, inferred there's no such thing, didn't have the results of my LP, says that medication for symptom control is either unnecessary or not possible. Disputed why I have not been able to work, but did not confirm I should go back to work. He then wrote a website down on a scrappy piece of paper and told me to make an appt to see him again in 3mths. Why? So he can check that I've researched and found the answers/support for myself? I feel that I got nothing from him but attitude and harsh judgement. Perhaps he expected me to be better informed as I am a nurse myself. I had a friend/colleague with me. She was appalled by him too, otherwise I would think I was just confused and hypersensitive. Thankfully, I live near the MS clinic so I called them when I got home. They will send me a booklet and advised me to call anytime if I'm worried/have questions. It's a relief to know I'm not solely dependent on this specialist nurse, whose specialist skills were in no way apparent to me. I'm left wondering why he even wants to be a nurse, when his people skills seem to leave so much to be desired.

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