"Bad attitude from my Doctors"

About: Wessex

(as the patient),

I am sick and tired of being treated with contempt by doctors in the UK.

An example of something that happened this week - I asked for a certain type of medication and the conversation went along the lines of, sorry, there’s no such thing but I will ..... - ah, I see you've already had some.

I requested some information, a recommendation and possibly a prescription for freezing skin tags and I was told that no such thing existed. Obviously this doctor seems never to have heard of diathermy or cryotherapy. They are unaware or do not care that I can use the internet.

I have injuries to my knees and back which were caused during my service in HM Forces, and last week my knee started to lock with horrendous pain. I mentioned that it had now quiesced and he stated that it was probably a bit of debris, and that was it. But no examination, no x-ray - nothing. Had I been back abroad with the doctor I had, I would have been immediately and thoroughly examined and if nothing obvious had been found, I would have been sent to the local clinic for either a cat scan or x-ray.

I once asked for a cat scan to further my prospects of claiming a permanent MOD pension only to be told that they would not refer me. I explained that I was a veteran, they still said no, even when, as a veteran I was entitled to priority treatment and hospital care, again a refusal.

I once saw a doctor with regards to strange sensations in the arteries and or veins in the left side of my neck and pins and needles in my left arm down to my fingers. They were writing something when I went in to their room and explained the symptoms to her, and without stopping writing, or even looking at me they said, you'll know about it when you have a heart attack. I sat there stunned and after about twenty seconds they finally looked up and asked if there was anything else.

I went down stairs, gave the practice manager a hard time and found another practice the next day.

I am disabled due to the injuries mentioned above, but don't spend my life at my practice. The last time I was seen by my doctor was nine months ago, so they can hardly accuse me of wasting their time, so their attitude is even more puzzling.

I am appalled at the generic attitude of some doctors towards their patients, perhaps they should be reminded that their patients taxes help pay for their salaries. I would also like to inform any doctor that might read this, that I am no longer prepared to take any future contemptuous attitude lying down, so beware.

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