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(as the patient),

After making several phone calls and waiting 25 weeks (not the 18 weeks they claim 98% of patients are seen) I finally was given an appointment for a colonoscopy. I arived at 8 am for an 8.30 am appointment and was eventually taken into a side room by a nurse who carefully explained the risks involved with a Gastroscopy, which was very informative, especially as I was there for a Colonoscopy.

She then asked me to get changed and wait in the corridor. neglecting to check my pulse and blood pressure as she should have. I was joined in the corridor by another nurse who said she had to give me an injection. I said I would look away as I am not very good with injections to which she replied, 'in that case i will get someone else as I am not very good at giving them.'

She returned som 5 - 10 minuteslater saying she could not find anybody and would I mind if she had a go. Not wishing to embarrass her I agreed. True to her word she was not very good and failed three times. By this time, due to dehydration caused by the preparation and more than a touch of nerves I was on the point of collapse. This all took place in the corridor in full view of other patients.

I was put onto a trolley and taken into the recovery area where the nurse checked my pulse and blood pressure. As she had nothing to compare it to, I, as the patient was asked if i felt it was a bit low, surprisingly I did not have a clue.

After being kept in the recovery room for aroun 15 -20 minutes I was taken into the procedure room to meet the endoscopist. To my horror he immediately launched into a verbal attack on me for keeping him waiting! I tried to talk to him about sedation and was told in no uncertain terms he did not have the time to mess about. He said if I did not have the sedation and it was found out later that I needed it, he would have to stop while he administered it and he had other patients waiting. There was no chance whatsoever in him explaining anything about the procedure.

He then went to give me an injection at which point I called a halt to the procedure. It was only then when he realised he was back on schedule and more importantly that without sedation I was going to remember just how I was being treated did his mood change.

The most annoying thing about this is, if the nurse had been capable of giving me the injection, which it now turns out she should not have been the one to do this and more importantly I should not have been having the injection in any case. There would not have been a delay.

I have tried raising my concerns with the Treatment Centre and it took seven weeks before they even contacted me. It is now nine weeks without any proper answers. My letter are not even acknowledged let alone answered. Promised phone calls are not made and letters are not sent.

In short, I would say this was incompetence at every level. As a member of staff working at the Treatment Centre has said 'this place is a shambles' and who better to know.

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