"Very unhappy with treatment at Good Hope hospital"

About: Good Hope Hospital / Accident & emergency

(as the patient),

I am a patient at Good Hope hospital and i cannot begin to tell you the disappointment that i am experiencing at this hospital.

I have been in the hospital for 5 days so far and i have missed or had to chase them for my meals 4 times, i have been asked by staff for the first time today if i am wanting a wash, and i think that this is totally unacceptable.

This morning i was meant to be transferred to another hospital, but there was a mess up apparently with the transport arrangement and hence i missed my appointment. The nurse that was there, knowing that i have been suffering with my headaches, came into my room and gave me a telling off for making their lives awkward, the transport had been arranged for me to sit and walk, yet the doctor/specialist ordered that i be transferred by stretcher so that i was not having to deal with the stress of the transfer.

I then was told that it was not the hospital's fault and that the ambulance was the one that messed up.

I am in isolation and so there is no one in my room with me, i am suffering photophobia and the staff keep leaving my door open when talking to me forcing me to look into the light and hence making my illness worse.

The staff that clean my room, feed me (when they do) and the students are the only ones that have been civil to me today and i have had enough. You come into hospital ill and then you get treated like you are just an inconvenience to the staff.

Last night was the first night that i felt well enough to sleep through, bar the observations. i was disturbed constantly by slamming of doors and staff yelling at each other and slamming crockery around the kitchen, slammimng dishwashers closed. Yes, my door is closed but i can hear the lot and i am not impressed at all.

I feel that i am a burdon on the staff here and that they would rather not be here and forgetting the patients is unexcuseable. i feel guilty ringing my alarm as they storm in and say "WHAT?", that is after they have left the bell ringing on more than one occasion for longer than ten minutes.

The best experience that i have had was my first night here. i spent the night there in the "off A&E ward". There was a man getting "overtime" and he was called Adam and i tell you that he made my stay so pleasant, i thought "Good Hope hospital- no hope hospital..." is so untrue, until i moved onto this ward AMU.

i now feel that i will definitely be finding another hospital to give brith to my second surrogate child as i am truly horrified at the care that i have received.

Dirty plates from my meals are just left for 5+ hours after it has been served, signs that i have been forgotten, i have not had a cup of tea today, my water jug has not been filled for 2 days and i am truly annoyed at the standards i have witnessed over the last few days.

i have asked for change of gown on more than one occasion, to which i received it immediately only once.

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