"Overdosed Patient 17 year old discharged with suicidal intent."

About: Murray Royal Hospital / General Psychiatry Perth Royal Infirmary / Accident & Emergency

(as the patient),

With severe depression/suicidal ideation, back in Feb 09 i was admitted to hospital after overdosing on alot of paracetomal/oxazepam/fluoxetine and pro plus. When i was first admitted i had refused treatment because i really was unwell with depression and didnt have the mental capacity to understand the risks of what i was doing. I was very suicidal and just not well. anyway, i was admitted and put onto a drip and had to stay in hospital overnight until my organ funtions returned to normal.

i was assessed the day of the overdose and deemed a risk to myself. however the next day i was discharged and allowed to walk out the doors after stating that i was going to go and kill myself and that i really had nothing to live for. so off i went after being disharged from ward 4, late at night and in the dark i went for a walk with nothing apart from my school shirt , trousers and shoes on which was very cold.

i had gone down into the city centre of perth and was caught by police walking to one of the bridges after my parents were called by the ward nurse and told that i had been discharged. my mum furiously called the police and reported me a vulnerable missing person and the search began. later on that night i was caught on my way to jumping of one of the bridges in perth and i was therefore detained under the mental health act for my own protection to where i was taken to Murray Royal Hospital.

The carelessness from staff/doctors on shift that day would have ended in tragedy with myself being dead at the end of it all. and for what?! because the staff at Perth Royal Infirmary discharged a vulnerable young person from their care knowing that they were a serious risk to themself and or the community!.

I found that the outlook "stigma" that A&E at PRI staff that I saw have against those that are self/harmers or have mental health issues of any kind are very against us and the illness that we display "even although it is mental health disorder" is actually an illness!

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