"Consequences of 12 week wait for treatment of dental abscess"

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(as the patient),

I was referred to the Dundee Dental hospital due to a tooth abscess that developed under a newly crowned tooth. I have seen the loss of dignity, embarassment, and practical difficulties that my parents and others have with dentures. So, I decided that I would have implants when the time came. I have no insurance, cannot afford regular private care, and so have to be content with NHS care for the most part. However, I have saved hard over the years so that I could have good crowns and then good implants.

I was aware that I need good bone structure for implants and so I was very concerned about the tooth abscess. I knew that this should have been dealt with expeditiously.

I had to wait the full 12 weeks before being seen, despite the abscess leaking blood and pus throughout that time. I was told yesterday that I will lose the tooth, because the infection has damaged the bone structure. I am deeply depressed and upset. This should not have happened and would not have happened if I had been seen right away.

The dentist was pleasant, but it is hard to hear someone whose own teeth are perfect and will be in receipt of the very best care telling me that 'it is still possible to eat with a gap'. I am very distressed. It may be possible to eat, but it is not possible to eat properly and easily with a missing bottom molar. It will also be noticeable to me and to others that there is a gap. There is also the knock-on effect to other teeth and my jaw structure over time.

I am now unable to have an implant and may not be able to have a bridge either. Furthermore, it was not explained to me what happens to stop the infection that is now in my jaw spreading further. Do I need surgery to remove the damaged tissue. OR ARE MY OTHER TEEETH AND JAW EXPENDABLE TOO? Yes, I am shouting.

I feel that I have been badly let down and that as an NHS patient I have been treated like a second class citizen and will now reap the consequences. Perhaps at 51 my age was also a factor in the decision that my teeth do not matter.

I cannot begin to explain how this is affecting me and what I feel now about the future.

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