"Physiotherapy at Whitchurch"

About: Whitchurch Hospital (Cardiff)

(as the patient),

I attended two sessions, expecting after about 11 years of being housebound and Wheelchair bound that I would be taught ways to get my body back into shape without getting to enthused with my new found health levels and damaging it. I was pretty enthusiastic to do so, as after around 2 years of medical treatment I was finally able to walk and honestly I am completely over the moon about it!

The Physiotherapist was the worst experience with a health care professional/professional in general Ive ever had.

She was intimidating, aggressive, incredibly rude; she completely dismissed the treatment I had received from my Doctor and GP as "holistic placebo" and insinuated, for one, that I was lying about a degree I am studying for, and two, that my illness that had destroyed my life for 11 years and stopped me going to school, and had killed a close friend of mine in a long and drawn out death was clearly in my head.

She said nothing to do with exercise, but she suggested that my problems were cause by literally, me breathing too much.

To be fair, shes right, if I stopped breathing my problems would go away!

But I would also die.

Apparently I chronically hyperventilate - Ive never had a panic attack in my life, neither do I suffer from anxiety- but according to her the following fact are proof that the route cause of my issues is too much oxygen thieving.

Im asthmatic;

because " she is attuned to recognising it in patients"

and because- without drawing a breath first I could only hold my breath for 30 seconds.

I honestly dont know how she got the chance to study me that closely because she spent the whole time firing what I thought were pretty leading questions at me, such as, "do you wake up with a dry mouth ever (yes so does everyone), do you ever get cold hands and feet (again, yes, I dont have the greatest circulation due to lack of exercise); she also spent a lot of time being condescending at me for trying to get a biology degree at present, and as a result having some knowledge of anatomy, which she really, really didnt like; and generally not actually observing my breathing at all.

She was very aggressive, incredibly condecending, dismissing my doctors diagnosis and blood tests as a "holistic therapy" based on placebo, (bearing in mind the doctor I am lucky enough to see is like all doctors, trained for at least 7 years and is an expert in her field) she even argued with me for a solid ten minutes on a completely unprofessional and unrelated topic.

I got the impression she really really dint like me from the moment she asked what degree I was doing, and got gradually, (and ironically), more hysterical as the appointments went on, I only went back because I felt uncomfortable and honestly like she would possibly shout at me, if I said I didn't want to see her again.

I actually couldn't face talking to her again after the second appointment, the idea of being snapped at for 40 minutes, and if I cancelled, the lecture I would receive from her (which I already did) about not wanting to get well ( I cannot tell you how insulting that is) so I blocked her calls and hoped missing the 3rd appointment would insure I never ever have to see her again.

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