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(as the patient),

From the moment I got there I felt like the doctors and nurses bull dozed what I said. I'm on quite strong pain medication for a rare condition. I've had 10+ procedures and many admissions via A&E.

This particular time they didn't seem to listen to me about my medication, they put me on a dose more than 75% lower than what I take at home, messed with the times I take them and even forgot to prescribe me a couple of my regular meds. Even after talking to an on call Dr in the middle of the night- their response was it'll make me drowsy, which I thought was ridiculous being that it was 2 am. I hadn't slept due to pain being really high, so being drowsy wouldn't have mattered. I had post procedural pain on top of my normal pain so was kept in a very uncomfortable and distressed state. They did take some blood, which came back that my amylase was higher than normal.

The next day a gastro Dr came to see me and actually upped the medication to what I have at home. And said they were to keep me in another night and take blood the next morning to see if the amylase had come down, well that didn't happen til the late afternoon when the specialist came to see me and said I was ready to come home. All in all I felt the whole stay was rushed and that they didn't listen.

I had to explain to every nurse, Dr and healthcare what was wrong with me, that I was in pain, and what doses of what I take etc when all they had to do is look in my notes at the pre-op assessment questionnaire, which had everything they needed to know, I even told them to look at it.

I felt like a burden most of the time. I felt like crying.

The ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) was successful.


Response from Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital

Thank you for your comments regarding your ERCP care. I am sorry that your care did not meet the high standards we aim to provide. I have informed the clinical leaders, however, if you wish to discuss your experience further please contact our customer care team on 01256 486766 or email customercare@hhft.nhs.uk Mary Edwards, Chief Executive Mary.edwards@hhft.nhs.uk

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