"Surprised by lack of home visit for 9 month old in Sunderland"

About: Sunderland Teaching PCT / Emergency GP out of hours service

(as other),

My son who was born July last year and is a little over 9 months old had an accident last Tuesday. He picked up a small lamp table and fell back over with it.

Obviously i was devastated and panicked, i took him to the hospital straight away and thank god he is fine. I am a first time mum and as you can imagine i blamed myself and haven't let him out of my sight since that day which is annoying him greatly. But as i've been told my reaction was expected and understandable.

Well that Thursday he appeared very tired, slightly drained and just not himself. It was hard to explain but other mothers will understand what i say when i say he just wasn't acting like himself so i took him to the hospital again. They advised this had nothing to do with his fall but that he had caught a viral infection and gave me paracetomol and neurofen for him to take.

He has now been doing this for one week today. His temperature has gone down and he seems better but he is now getting very explosive poos so last night i called a doctor out or at least attempted to. I phoned my GP surgery but because it was closed i was put through to the emergency GP on call. They advised me that i would need to go to the Grindon Mill Centre.

I explained that he was ill, that i was concerned, and no-one seemed to care at all. All i was told was "if we had to come out for everyone" blah blah blah... but like i said to the GP this is not everyone this is a 9 month old baby. Maybe i am being a little over protective and coddling but with a baby surely its better i'm over protective and wanting him looked at than leaving him without.

After everything you hear about children being abused it amazes me that a mother trying to do her best for her child is spoken down to so easily. I understand GPs are very busy but that should never come at the expense of a baby or child, it should be mandatory that GPs visit homes for children cases. Has anyone else suffered for this or am i just over reacting because it's my child?

It's such a shame after the great care we had at the hospital emergency room as well.

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