About: Stafford Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

On the 7th June 2007 I had an incident in my wheelchair and due to rebound spastisity and low pressure headache and fever knew that I required urgent attention and that due to the rebound spastisity that my Intrathecal Baclofen Pump had broken. There is an emergency procedure moreover and they had a copy in my records also its available on the Internet on the Medtronics Inc site and also that of Novartis and CIBA.

In A&E I felt that the SHO did not listen to us or her medical and cardiac peers and discharged me and referred me to my Neurologist. We stated its nothing to do with the Neurologist but is the Neurosurgeon and more importantly the Professor at the Hayward Hospital.

However the A&E SHO seemed to take took no notice of the me or my family. I have now had to have 3 major operations and five procedures which I believe is due to the SHO not listening to me. I have another major operation that was going to be done 31st March 2009 but the Cardiologists stopped that operation as they did not wish me to have it without having a pace maker fitted. They did that on the 22nd April 2009; now I have to wait 6 weeks for the pace maker to settle in before I can have (hopefully) the final operation at the UHNS.

However, we were informed in writing by a Professor at Keele University on the 13th March 2009 that he could not have the clinical and medical A&E notes relating to my treatment from Stafford A&E because Stafford General Hospital had destroyed these notes.

Strange thing for a Hospital to do is to destroy notes for the 7th and 8th June 2007 from A&E. All my other notes are intact covering several decades but I am told that out of all these notes someone destroyed the A&E Notes for these two days.

I have to say that when we received the information from the Professor in the last couple of weeks one has to wonder why the hospital management could permit notes to be destroyed. Especially as by December 2007, the Hospital was fully aware that due to the incident and the delays which I believe to be caused by the SHO, I was going to require major surgery. Moreover, as far as I am aware they did not have surgeons with the expertise to undertake my surgery and they had to refer me to another hospital for the surgery.

Its a strange world we live in today and I understand why my local hospital would destroy my medical notes from 2007.

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