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(as a staff member posting for a patient/service user),

These are the latest comments from our Service Users that have been fed back to us as part of the Patient Experience Questionnaires:

PEQ: Enjoyed laughter with Lucy a lovely warm Lady. Rachel was very special to! Explain everything to me that involved in the process of challenging my thoughts and anxiety. Introduced me to vital steps which had huge benefits such as how the body works, about panic, hierarchy, continue the good work. Thanks for everything.

PEQ: A very helpful and professional service provided, that helped me through a very stressful period.

PEQ: My experience with Rightsteps has helped me overcome my problems and given me positive frame of mind, I feel I can give advice to anyone who has suffered racial abuse as I have suffered myself.

PEQ: Leanne was a great help was easy to talk and listened, learned me a lot about myself and to like myself and believe in myself and how to deal with my issues. She definitely helped me, I am not 100% but I am getting there thanks to Leanne.

PEQ: I started with CBT, then changed to EMDR, at no point did I feel rushed to "finish". My therapist was always friendly and approachable and ultimately it has helped me deal with some very repressed issues. Thank you!

PEQ: Sally was fantastic. She was very helpful and understanding, and helped me use different ideas and techniques in my problems. I sometimes found it difficult to keep my appointments due to being self employed but I can understand others would miss appointments offering poor excuses. I did attend as much as possible.

PEQ: A very welcoming friendly service, Carlyn was very helpful. I got and learned a lot of my counselling. Happy.

PEQ: Lucy and Sarah were fab therapists, they explained everything and nothing was too much for them. They made the group gel and we all say in touch. I can't thank them enough.

PEQ: The therapist was excellent. My only problem is not being able to sleep. I have no other issues and I am not on any medication so most of the course wasn't for me.

PEQ: The Service was excellent throughout Gemma in particular was brilliant, very kind, caring and helpful in every step of the way.

PEQ: I found the service informative and useful particularly the exposure therapy.

PEQ: Has helped me understand my feelings and how to control them.

PEQ: The Group wasn't what I wanted but having being on this group counselling I would recommend it and have done to several people at work.

PEQ: Staff were lovely and I felt I could talk to them easily. However I was referred to insight community team as you don't deal with my symptoms. The short time I spoke with you was good.

PEQ: I started the Course at just the right time, when I was beginning to feel little progress had been made after been off sick for 2 months. The Course helped me to reflect on improvements I had not noticed had taken place. I now understood what had been stress symptoms and what I thought had helped me to cope were actually holding me back. Thanks Bridie xx (PS I think I could be a stress councillor).

PEQ: I had to wait a long time for my first appointment but once therapy started I was seen regularly and conveniently. Mark deserves a medal for listening to my stuff and I will always be grateful for his help and patience.

PEQ: It was very educational, I learnt how to cope with my pain and control how I feel, which has made my home life better and my family as well.

PEQ: Gemma has at all times been a reassurance and made me feel better at all our meetings. Unfortunately I have had further health problems adding to my worries the relaxation program is still working even though my worries have increased. I am now awaiting a Consultant. Thank you. Would you please thank Gemma for me.

PEQ: Literally, life changing. From having no understanding of what was going on I now have both the understanding and techniques to go forward

PEQ: I listened and learnt and felt it was I that had to change and not everyone else. So it did make me see things in a different way.

PEQ: Sally helped me understand a lot of things that had stopped me in life. I could not have asked for any one better.

PEQ: Excelled service, Louise was very professional, clear and honest she is a great asset to your team.

PEQ: Janine was excellent and helped me enormously. Thank you.

PEQ: Gemma was very understanding and helpful at all times. I also found the Mindfulness Workshop very useful on how to tackle problems.

PEQ: The positive steps group was excellent a way of gaining skills to cope without having to talk much at a time when I couldn't really articulate what was going on - the 1: 1 reinforced this learning in an environment where I felt more able to speak about my situation.

PEQ: For me the best bit of my treatment was being able to do it over the phone it meant I could fit appointments in more easily and saved me the time and expense of travelling to Wakefield. I really appreciate the help and support I have received. Thank you very much.

PEQ: Kate was an amazing Therapist and I will be forever grateful at how she has helped me not only deal with what has happened but accept it and also helped me feel like me. I cannot thank Kate or the Service provided enough. Thank you.

PEQ: Through attending the meetings and reading the literature, I came to realise that my problems were rather small compared to those experienced by so many other people so I didn’t feel so different at the end. Thanks.

PEQ: Just now I am feeling good about myself thanks to the help I have had. Thank you.

PEQ: I was in a really bad place at the beginning, talking to Kathryn has helped me not to give in and to push myself. Talking each week gave me hope and lifted me. Thanks.

PEQ: I think the time it took to get my first appointment was quite a wait but the workshops that I attended in the mean time were very helpful. Think the rooms could be less clinical but understand that they will be used for different purposes.

PEQ: Whilst I never actually managed to attend a face to face session. I was fully satisfied with Service I received during telephone discussions. Staff were always helpful and informative and I do sincerely feel that Turning Point Rightsteps offers valuable, much needed support service. It's a shame about the long waits for face to face appointments

PEQ: Sarah, my Therapist, worked well with me and I feel so much better now. She helped me to look at my problems in a calm and supportive manner and I would like to thank her very much for that. My only issue was the length of time from the GP referral to actually seeing someone although I was regularly contacted by phone. I appreciate there would be more severe cases.

PEQ: I didn't think this type of therapy would work for me - but it did. Although each session was short it gave me something to think about and work on during the time until my next session. We both worked hard and have had a good outcome! Thank you.

PEQ: Although the workshops were informative I feel the one to one counselling was of more benefit to me as it identified my individual need. Waiting for the initial appointment could have been sooner but also appreciate there are many people who need your service and have a waiting list. I have had a positive experience one which helped me through a very tough and confusing time of my life.

PEQ: I found the experience has helped me to be a bit stronger and hopefully keep on the right track.

PEQ: EXCELLENT SERVICE. My Councillor was so understanding with good suggestions he made me think about solutions etc. , when I am in certain situations I think of things he said and seem more able to cope. Thank you for all the help.

PEQ: Rachel was an excellent listener and able to rationalise my problems and translate them into real scenarios where it was easy to relate to.

PEQ: McDonald explained the cognitive understanding very well - my issues are to do with panic situations and he was very helpful.

PEQ: The people I spoke to on the telephone or in person were all very helpful and supportive.

PEQ: The group really was a life changing experience and has helped me so much. I'm not sure how I would have coped without it. It's given me the tools to carry on with my life and even help others. Thank you.

PEQ: I attended most of the workshops before getting my 10 week CBT workshops. I was impressed with the mindfulness course and would be interested in any follow up workshops. The 10 week workshop was really helpful. Sarah and Lucy were confident in delivering the course and I felt I could ask any question no matter how daft it seemed. The whole group made me feel at ease. There were some tears but they were outweighed by the laughs. I appreciate all the help that Rightsteps have given me as when I was at my lowest I didn't think that I would get better. The only problem I found was the long waiting lists which I understand now

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